HollySys recognized as “Excellent Supplier” for Hohhot Metro Line 1 Project

HollySys recognized as “Excellent Supplier” for Hohhot Metro Line 1 Project

2020-01-29   Posted by Kenny Chua Source:Beihe Metro Automation Division

HollySys was awarded the honorary credential of “Excellent Supplier” for the Hohhot Metro Line 1 project for supplying our comprehensive monitoring system equipment.

Hohhot Metro Line 1 is an east-west urban railway line with a length of 23.2km, with 16 underground stations, 4 above-ground stations, 1 vehicle depot, and 1 control center. It is the first railway line to operate in Inner Mongolia. Hollysys provides the integrated comprehensive monitoring system that includes; Integrated Supervisory Control System (ISCS), Environment and Equipment Monitoring System (BAS), Automatic Fire Alarm System (FAS), Access Control System (ACS), Power Monitoring System (PSCADA), Energy Management System (EMS) and Information Security System.

During the project implementation process, HollySys project team faced challenges such as tight schedules, complex site conditions, and high technical requirements. Thankfully, our engineers are well trained with a strong technical background and were able to complete the deployment of a cloud platform, interface debugging, joint debugging and joint testing with no major issue. At present, the comprehensive monitoring system is performing to customers’ expectations.

Hohhot Metro Operation Co., Ltd. also sent a special letter of praise to HollySys, which further affirmed our innovation and technical capabilities in the Hohhot Metro Line 1 project.

Having received such a gesture of gratitude from our customers will only motivate us to continue upholding our philosophy of “Customer in Mind with Sincerity” in our future projects.