HollySys participates in Scientific and Technological Innovation Exhibition in China

Science and Technology are one of the most influence development in the world and innovation provideseverlasting driving force to the national’s progress. On 1st June 2016, the National “125” Scientific and Technological Innovation Exhibition organized by the Ministry of Science, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Military Equipment Development was held in Beijing Exhibition Hall. HollySys was invited to participate and showcased its new generation large-scale Programmable Logic Controller System (PLC).

HollySys was supported by the Science and Technology Public Relations at the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program), the development has meet the high-end machinery and equipment control, complex machine control, discrete manufacturing plant control, suitable for transportation, municipal services,  water treatment and other public engineering, which also has a high-performance, fast response, large capacity, high reliability, and other characteristics of a new generation of LK series PLC.

Recently, LK series PLC successfully bidder Singapore’s MRT Thomson-East Coast Line, to achieve a breakthrough in the domestic high-end PLC critical application projects. During the exhibition, HollySys give a detailed introduction on the working principle and technical parameters about the LK series PLC to the visitors, as well as the equipment and core components to build intelligent manufacturing integrated solutions and intelligent smart factory, the important role played by the program. At the same time, HollySys also introduced the achievements of discrete automation and aroused great concern of the majority of the visitors.

The exhibition has made “Innovation-Driven Development, Science and Technology To Lead The Future” as the theme and showcased the new developments and achievements China made during the past five years. HollySys made“Automation For Better Life ” as the purpose, adhere to independent innovation, to enhance customer productivity and product quality, while ensuring the safety of the customers, to achieve energy saving and reduce environmental pollution goals.