HollySys Participates in the Construction of the Kunming Metro Line 3 and Warmly Welcome Kunming Federation of Trade Unions Leaders

On 3rd March 2017, HollySys Beijing Department of Systems Engineering Co., Ltd participates in the construction of the Kunming Metro Line 3 Integrated Monitoring System Project and warmly welcome Kunming Federation of Trade Unions leaders to the Kunming City Subway Project Inspection at Xishan Park Station. Kunming Metro Construction Management Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Ma Tianwen accompanied the inspection team for the site tour.

The inspection team arrived at the Xishan Park Station in Xishan National Scenic Area, Kunming, and began to inspect the site construction such as station decoration and cabinet equipment installation. During the visit to the station control room, the project manager’s brief introduction to the integrated monitoring system resulted in a strong interest and focus on the leadership of the inspection team.

Vice Chairman Mr. Panand General Manager Mr. Ma Tianwen asked in detail about the operation problems including the IBP disk emergency function and the ISCS system platform, as well as on-site interface debugging and so on. At the same time, the field engineering staff also did detailed explanation in the field debugging environment intuitive display of the MACS-SCADA software platform and the composition and application, combined with the scene ISCS and BAS professional interface point-to-point debugging of the specific situation introduced.

The overall progress of the project, received a high degree of evaluation of the presence of leadership. The project is scheduled to open operation by the end of June 2017, the entire Kunming project team will work together to overcome the project.