HollySys participates in the 28th China International Measurement and Control and Instrumentation Exhibition

On 26th September 2017, the 28th China International Survey Control and Instrumentation Exhibition (MICONEX 2017) successfully held in Shanghai.

HollySys showcased Safety Instrumented System (SIS), Distributed Control System (DCS), Asset Management System (AMS), Operation Training System (OTS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Batch Control System (Batch), Intelligent Remote Monitoring System (HH800iODS), Industrial Safety Gateway (HH800GS), Industrial White List Anti-Virus Software (HH800K), automatic instrumentation, safety barrier series of products exhibitors.

MICONEX is the first professional exhibition in China’s measurement and control, instrumentation and automation industry. Since 1983, it has been successfully held for 27 years. It is by far the largest and highest quality measurement control, instrumentation and automation field in Asia Of professional exhibitions. The exhibition gathered more than 20 countries and regions, 500 Chinese and foreign enterprises exhibitors, focused on displaying nearly ten thousand kinds of instrumentation new products.