HollySys participates in FDT2.0 Technology Development Meeting held in Singapore

In early February this year, FDT held a meeting in Singapore to discuss about the future of FDT2.0 Technology Development. Participants includes FDN International Chairman and his team, Yokogawa, China and HollySys Chairman and relevant experts.

The Future of FDT
  1. Through the OPC UA method to collect the data in the equipment and share with other host systems such as MES, ERP, Asset Management System, SCADA, etc., for the industrial 4.0, intelligent manufacturing data support. With these data, the imagination of the space is unlimited.
  2. Support Web Services method, imagine the future through the browser, mobile application, etc. to access DTM, much closer to people’s habits.
  3. Support a variety of field bus control

HollySys as a successful application for Domestic FDT Technology, Li Yu manager participated in the meeting and also put forward some of their own ideas for the FDT.

  1. Whether the information of the equipment data can refer to the actual needs of the Chinese user.
  2. Whether the use of DTM equipment can achieve perfection.
  3. Can the data be stored directly into the database through the standard interface?


HollySys Group developed its own bus equipment management system, HAMS, on the basis of a FDT framework development component for the purchase of famous software by both parties, based on a joint discussion of technology solutions.

This system is the successful application of Shenhua Funeng Power Co., Ltd., which is the asset management system of large-scale Million Thermal Power Units in China. It fills the gaps in the application field of the domestic power industry and improves the reliability and usability of the bus equipment.