HollySys get Silver Quality Award for Hong Kong MTR project

Hong Kong MRT (Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation) Projects Division held “Projects Quality, Safety, Environmental and Stakeholder Engagement” Awards Presentation at 10th Sep, 2014. Beijing HollySys got Silver Quality Award based on its outstanding job on 841 A&B project’s quality at July 2013 to June 2014.

In 841 A&B project, HollySys designs, supplies and implements the on-board signalling equipment Automatic Train Protection (ATP), as well as the ground-based high speed rail signalling equipment and system including Train Control Center (TCC), Line Side Electronic Unites (LEU), Safe Information Data Network, Interlocking System, track circuit and auxiliary products, and related services for the Hong Kong XRL.

HollySys has a strict and effective procedure in project management, so as to achieve quality guaranteed, including management and control measures in sub-contractors, installation, T&C, and change process. HollySys establishes a simulation testing laboratory for XRL 841 A&B project, to ensure every subsystem and the whole system’s safety and reliability. “Customers in mind with sincerity” is always HollySys’ service philosophy.