HollySys Beijing participates in IPF 2017 and signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Inspur

On 26th April 2017, HollySys Beijing was invited to participate in the 2017 Inspur Cloud Data Center National Partner Conference (IPF2017, Inspur Partner Forum). Inspur is China’s leading cloud computing and large data service providers, focusing in the high-end servers, mass storage, cloud operating systems, information security technology has a profound background. HollySys representatives, Mr. Xu Yue and Mr. Li Jian attended the signing ceremony with Inspur Group executive president Mr. Wang En Dong. During the conference, HollySys and IPF 2017 Industry Partners showcased the integrated automation system and the TIAS solutions.

Inspur Partners Strategy Signing Ceremony

HollySys Group VP & HollySys Beijing President Mr. Xu Yue and other guests

HollySys Beijing joined the “Smart Computing CEO Club”, established by Inspur. The members includes Beijing Yi Hua Lu, North Ming Software, Asia Info Technology, China Science and Technology, HollySys Beijing and 10 other IT business leaders. The “Smart Computing CEO Club” is the platform for the high-level leaders to exchange knowledge in various fields.

HollySys Beijing joined the “Smart Computing CEO Club”

During the conference, HollySys Beijing showcase the integrated automation system and the TIAS solution (collaboration with Inspur). The TIAS system embodies the leading technology and results in the field of rail transit.

HollySys Beijing and Partners at IPF 2017

During the media interview of IPF 2017, HollySys Beijing Vice President Mr. Li Jian and team introduced the development of the profitability of the development of the rail transit industry and Inspur of cooperation prospects to the industry IT media.

Hollysys Beijing Vice President – Li Jian

On 27th April 2017, HollySys Subway Design Manager Lou Yan Fei briefed the delegates on HollySys traffic automation system and the cooperation with Inspur in the subway industry.

HollySys Beijing Subway Design Manager – Lou Yan Fei