HollySys Automation 2015 Annual Work Summary and Award Ceremony and 2016 New Year Celebration Party

Looking to the future and reviewing the past, HollySys Automation hosted its 2015 Annual Work Summary Commendation Congress and Award Ceremony and 2016 New Year Celebration Party on Monday, 25 January at Beijing Ronghua Tiandi, Cloud Grand Theatre.

“As we summarizes the achievements in 2015, and looking ahead to 2016, no matter how the external environment, as long as we unite as one, to do a good job in the business development, to do research and development and production and supply, improve ability of organization, do a good job in management system, we can achieve organic growth in the new environment. Lastly, HollySys’s future depends on our own, proactive, open minded employees, we will have a brighter prospects.” said HollySys Group CEO, Mr. Shao Baiqing.

During the award ceremony, a total of 113 outstanding employees were awarded for their contribution and hard work, the awards are “HollySys Automation 2015 Outstanding Team”, “HollySys Automation 2015 Outstanding Employee” and “HollySys Automation 2015 Excellent Employee”.

With actions to create the future” as the theme, from national strategy, macro economy, industrial upgrading and industrial technology development, the change of user requirements to analyse the cause of HollySys Automation development prospect, and point out the action direction of HollySys in 2016 and carry out the work methods, for everyone to work better, established the confidence, to clarify the train of thought.” said HollySys Group Chairman Dr. He Jianfeng.

After Annual Work Summary Commendation Congress, HollySys Automation 2016 New Year’s Party starts with an opening dance and followed by many exciting performances with lively atmosphere. This year’s get together with “home” as the theme, the family members are invited to performance and share their passion. The entire party was filled with climax, dancing, singing, crosstalk, acrobatics, instruments from rich variety, tea and other programs.