HollySys attended the China Automation Industry Annual Conference 2017 and Won Multiple Awards

On 13th April 2017, HollySys was invited to attend the China Automation Industry Annual Conference 2017 (CAIAC 2017) and 12th China Automation Industry event held in Beijing. CAIAC 2017 aims to showcase innovative products and analyze successful industry solutions and applications for the development of China’s automation industry.

After 12 years of accumulation, CAIAC has transformed into the industry’s leading automation conference. The conference was officially launched by a group of academicians, industry experts and Mr Shi Hongyuan, Deputy GM of HollySys Group.

During the conference, HollySys won 3 awards and is responsible for the implementation of the “Guohua Suizhong Power Plant 2 × 800MW Unit DCS System Transformation Project.

  • 2016 China’s Top 10 Enterprises in the Field of Automation
  • 2016 China’s Top 10 Years of Automation The Most Influential System – (MACS-SCADA V4.0)
  • 2016 Top 10 User Trust Products in China Automation