HollySys Assets Management System Successfully Applied in 1000MW Thermal Power Plant

HOLLiAS® AMS Equipment Management System (HAMS) in China Shenhua Funeng Hongshan Power Plant Phase II has successfully applied in two units of 1000MW thermal power plant, by the system bus network structure, system configuration mode, periodic data analysis, and so on.

Fieldbus equipment applications consists more than 60%, and its subsystems covering the business management, enterprise production management and equipment and process control layer. The key advantage of fieldbus technology is to break through the traditional DCS on the field signal “point to point” one-way transmission mode, so that the field instrument, equipment and communication master and control system to achieve two-way data transmission.

Rich real-time data requires the development of software, processing, analysis and synthesis, making it useful information to achieve high-level device diagnostics, management and optimization functions. This project is the first successful application of China’s fieldbus control system in large-scale million thermal power units, and the remote management of intelligent equipment is really used for routine maintenance and maintenance. It is of great significance for the future construction of large-scale intelligent and digital power plants.

HOLLiAS® AMS Equipment Management System (HAMS) is a solution for industrial field intelligent equipment management, which integrates data acquisition and data analysis to provide maintenance and verification of intelligent devices such as field instruments, regulating valves and fault diagnosis of the unified management platform. The whole plant intelligent instrument maintenance and fault diagnosis system is an important part of the various types of intelligent instruments used to achieve remote data read and configuration, state diagnosis and monitoring, maintenance analysis management and automatic logging etc. At the same time, statistical analysis and evaluation of equipment failure to provide maintenance strategy, maximize efficiency, reduce instrument loss, reduce maintenance and operating costs, significantly improve the availability of factory equipment.