HollySys (Asia Pacific) wins Thomson Line SCADA in Singapore

HollySys Asia-Pacific (HAP) is a Singapore-based company and engagesin industrial automation and rail transport, won Thomson Line Integrated Supervisory Control System (ISCS, also named as SCADA) contract successfully. HAP signed the contract with Land Transport Authority (LTA) on 29th May in Singapore, and the contract size is approximately SGD 16.12 million.

According to the contract, the proposed Thomson Line (TSL) and Eastern Region Line (ERL) will be designed and operated as one line. TSL and ERL are scheduled to be opened for revenue service in stages. In this project, HollySys will provide its core proprietary software SCADA, along with its proprietary product PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers). HollySys shall design, manufacture, deliver to site, install, test and commission the ISCS, including provision of equipment, cables, cable supports, enclosures, mounting accessories and power distribution.

HollySys’ competitive advantages for this contract bidding are:

  1. Adaptability, flexibility, timely delivery of projects, ability to fully oversee the entire spectrum of work; meeting all the critical dates and milestones.
  2. Highly experienced and dedicated project management team, led by project manager with more than 10 years of experience on ISCS.
  3. Committed, reliable and efficient contractors on-board to execute and deliver the project on time.
  4. Customized service according to LTA’s requirements with localized team.


The proposed TSL will be the sixth Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line in Singapore. The line is fully underground and fully automatic 4-car driverless. TSL, which is 30 km long and consists of 22 stations, and an at-grade depot located at Mandai, will be opening in three phases from 2019 to 2021. It is expected to serve about 400,000 commuters daily. TSL will run through the north-south corridor, starting in the northern Woodlands area, passing through the industrial estate of Sin Ming, down to the residential Thomson area, and the business districts of Orchard and Marina Bay, before ending at Gardens by the Bay. TSL will add greatly to the connectivity of the current rail network, with interchanges to all existing five lines. The proposed ERL is an extension of the TSL. Beyond Marina Bay, the TSL will extend eastward as the ERL. The ERL also will be fully underground and automatic 4-car driverless with a route length of approximately 13km and 9 stations (with 1 interchange station), and an at-grade depot.

It’s a milestone for HAP winning this contract, especially for rail transport business. Singapore is well known for integrity, quality, efficiency, reliability, rule of law, and enforcement of intellectual property rights. LTA adopts strict and world-class standards to ensure safety, efficiency, and comfort for transport services. Winning this contract has proven that HollySys has the ability in handing high-level and large-scale international engineering project in rail transport. It’s a big step for HollySys’ overseas company placing it in a better position to expand overseas business in Southeast Asia. But, this is just the first of a thousand miles for HollySys to achieve internationally. HollySys will show its best to LTA with “customers in mind with sincerity”.

With our continuous efforts, HollySys will be your best partner tomorrow.