HAIP announced Project Thermax Integrated FAT has been conducted successfully on 6th July 2017

On 6th July 2017, HAIP announced Project Thermax Integrated FAT has been conducted successfully and we would like to congratulate Mr. Karan Dhingra (Head, Projects) and the team and colleagues in China associated in the project on this outstanding achievement. We also would like to thanks for the contribution from the supply chain, procurement and finance team in the project.

This marks the completion of one of the prestigious projects awarded to M/ S Thermax by End Customer Bataan 2020, IncPhilippines. This opens the entry for the first overseas K Series DCS installation in Philippines into paper market with Bataan 2020, Inc. as they are one of the largest paper manufacturer in the region.

This also marks the design of 1200 mm panels K Series DCS fully done and integrated locally with local software development and continuous support from China team in every stage of project execution and engineering. The panel design has been fully consistent with Indian standards of 1200 mm panels design as mentioned in most technical specifications of power sector in India and it is also valid for Philippines region.

The project execution had many stages such as Software FAT, Hardware Pre FAT and full integrated FAT as a last stage with Thermax and End Customer. During this journey, there were visits from potential Customers such as Nirani Sugars and Thermax SPP division (organized by sales team HAIP) and were impressed with hardware and software capability of the system.

In the words of End Customer: “The HollySys system is user friendly, easy to learn and Troubleshoot.

M/ S Thermax

Thermax is an engineering company providing sustainable solutions in energy and environment. Thermax’s business portfolio includes products for heating, cooling, water and waste management, and specialty chemicals. The company also designs, builds and commissions large boilers for steam and power generation, turnkey power plants, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, waste heat recovery systems and air pollution control projects.

Bataan 2020, Inc.

Battan 2020, Inc is a leading manufacturer of fine quality paper, board and tissue in the Philippines. The company operates paper mills in Samal, Bataan and Baesa, Quezon City to produce 100,000 metric tons of paper annually. The company has been in the industry since 1956 and have grown to include businesses in renewable power generation and chemical manufacturing.