Food and Beverages

With improvements in industrial production workflow and process equipment, automation control systems are becoming more widely used. Since HollySys was established, it accumulated a lot of experience in food & beverage (F&B) industry projects. It is also used in food industries such as sugar, oil processing, starch, and deep processing, and beverage industries such as fermentation and extraction for producing alcoholic drinks for consumption, the manufacturing of different types of alcoholic drinks, and the processing of different types of soft drinks such as carbonated drinks, juices, protein drinks, and tea.

Sugar Industry

HollySys is able to provide sugar manufacturing clients with DCS control system and full plant integrated DCS control solutions that contain functions such as monitoring processes by process segment, user, region, and user authority. HollySys is able to provide users with services such as electrical instrument design, selection, full-package equipment preparation, installation, testing, and maintenance. For the sugar manufacturing industry, it had developed a series of cost-effective and established electrical instrument full-package solutions.

In an industry that suffers an abnormal amount of downtime, high percentage of rejected products, is wastage intensive, and has massive amounts of data to compute, users become perplexed over the repetitively unstandardised data coming from the different segments of the industry. HollySys is able to provide them with a complete set of MES manufacturing management integrated solutions, which mainly includes functions such as production planning, production scheduling, production statistics, energy measuring, quality control, equipment management, safety and environmental protection management, and performance appraisal. They include:

  • Bagasse combustion optimisation control
  • Sugarcane feed evenness optimisation control
  • Sugarcane crushing constant speed optimisation control
  • Beetroot soaking water ratio control
  • Beetroot multi-point liming ratio control
  • Sulfitation PH regulation optimisation control
  • Double carbonation method PH regulation optimisationcontrol
  • Fully automatic sugar cooking control system
Starch and Treatment

Starch is an important renewable industrial ingredient, mainly used in food,textiles, pulp and paper, feed, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries. Take corn starch for example, the solutions provided by HollySys included automation solutions for processes such as the cleaning process, soaking process, corn crushing and germ separation process, refining and fibre cleaning process, starch and skin separation process, and starch drying process.

Plant Oil Processing

Plant oil is one of the ingredients of food consumed by mankind, the source of human life, and a physical substance that machines require for machine metabolism. Plant oil is also an industrial raw material for household chemicals, textile, rubber, plastics, chemical coatings and medicine. Plant oil processing includes oil pre-treatment, oil extraction, and oil refining. Take soybeans for example, the solutions offered by HollySys include:

  • Automation solutions for oil pre-treatment include solutions for processes such as measurement, cleaning, crushing, softening, flaking, and baking.
  • Automation solutions for oil extraction include solutions for processes such as soaking, wet bean steaming, mixed oil treatment, and solvent recovery.
  • Automation solutions for oil refining include solutions for processes such as degumming, de-acidification, bleaching, and deodorisation.
Alcoholic Drinks (Alcohol, Beer)

For alcohol processing, the automation solutions provided by HollySys cover all processes involved in alcohol production – liquid saccharification, fermentation, and distillation.

For beer-making processes, the automation solutions provided by HollySys cover all processes involved in beer production, including grinding, mashing, wort filtration, wort boiling, wort cold-cutting, fermentation, and beer filtration. The key control items are:

  • Control of amount of water added regularly for saccharification
  • Temperature and time control for the saccharification process
  • Wort filter differential pressure control and wort pump frequency control
  • Control of quantity of water used for washing tank
  • Wort boiling pot temperature control
  • Wort cooling control using the plate heat exchanger
  • Fermentation tank temperature control
  • Automation control of the amount of water added into the fermentation tank
  • Fermentation tank pressure control
  • Automatic control of CIP system