Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

LKS Micro Series PLC

LKS is a safety control system developed by HollySys, and meets the requirements of system capability of safety integrity level SIL2 with large capacity, high availability, superior performance, fast response characteristics, can be widely used in rail transportation, petrochemical, fine chemical industry, oil and gas pipeline transmission, hospital safety equipment, rail vehicle maintenance station and enterprise ESD system. Control system is composed of the controller and the IO module to complete the functions of data acquisition, logic operation, action output, human-computer interaction and so on, so as to realize the security protection function.


System Characteristic

High Availability

  • Dual rack redundant structure, including power redundancy, controller redundancy and network redundancy.
  • In redundancy mode, the system can still run when there is a single fault.

Fast Response

  • The time for redundancy switching is 130ms
  • The minimum time of task scheduling is less than 100 us
  • The fastest loop response time of system is less than 200ms

Large Capacity

  • Single-DP network, 124 IO slaves can be added
  • The IO capacity supported by the system is more than 10,000 points

Easy Maintenance

  • Reading Log tool which can record abnormal operations, faults and other information, and more than 10,000 logs
  • Module information and diagnostic information of each module can be obtained respectively through Module Information Instruction Library and System State Instruction
  • Each module is hot-swappable.
  • To update the system via SD card or Safety FA-AutoThink software.
  • Compatible with LK series IO Modules

Hardware Components and Structures

LKS safety control system adopts the dual backplane redundant structure, install a control unit on the two backplanes respectively as A series and B series. Each control unit consists of the following components:

Figure 1: LKS Control Unit Components

  1. LK921S safety 24V power module
  2. LK220S safety main control module
  3. LK240S safety redundant communication module
  4. LK249S safety DP master station communication module
  5. LK130 4 slot local backplane module

Safety 24V Power Module

Dual 24V DC inputs are converted to single 24V DC output by redundant processing, it provides redundant 24VDC power supply for the 4 slot backplane.

Safety Main Control Module

Safety main control module LK220S is redundant in configuration. Module contains two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces to connect engineer station and operator station, to download the user program and upgrade controller. And also as a MODBUSTCP master/slave station to communicate with other devices. You can upgrade controller and store user files via SD card slot in panel. The controller runs in the different mode by changing the position of key switch. In redundancy mode, two controllers are in master –slave relationship, and the master switches to slave when fault occurs in master controller.

Safety Redundant Communication Module

It is used to complete the redundant communication between A and B frame with fiber cable.

Safety DP Master Station Communication Module

LK249S module includes two DB9 communication interface, connected to the expansion backplane LK117 / LK118 by DP cable, establish the communication connection with IO module. LK249S module exchanges data with safety main control module via the bus in backplane.

4 Slot Local Backplane Module

It is used to install the LK220S, LK921S, LK240S and LK249S. It supports both high-speed local backplane bus and PROFIBUS-DP bus for data exchanging between modules.

Hardware Product List

Hardware products of LKS safety control system mainly include backplanes, power modules, main control module, communication modules, I/O modules and attachments, as shown below.

[supsystic-tables id=57]

Safety FA-Autothink

LKS is a SIL2 safety control system of HollySys, therefore, Safety FA-AutoThink as the configuration software self-developed for LKS system. It belongs to HollySys AutoThink software family. Safety FA-AutoThink has the following characteristics:

  • It supports the international standard IEC61131-3 and a large number of applied instructions.
  • It supports two programming languages. They are Ladder Diagram (LD) and Function Block Diagram (FBD).
  • It supports simplified Chinese and English.
  • The Find and Replace functions can be applied to a present window, or a whole project.
  • It provides multi-levels password setting mechanisms.
  • It supports several types of online operation such as monitoring, controller running, and controller stopping, and so on.
  • It supports simulation.