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MC Series Motion Controller

The HollySys MC1000 series motion controller, which was released in Aug 2014, contains powerful features such as the advanced 8-axis closed-loop servo control / open-loop pulse control, high-speed pulse catching, and high-speed pulse output. It uses the internationally-leading 64-bit double-precision floating point arithmetic to achieve high-precision control operations. It also boasts of a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, 667Mfrequency processor, enabling it to operate faster, thus ensuring baseline control of every axis, which can boost the client’s production efficiency and ensure stable product quality.

The MC1000 series motion controller can be widely used in: i) Cutting equipment, such as laser cutting, water jet cutting, flame cutting, and plasma cutting. ii) Industrial robots, such as welding, painting, handling, and assembly. iii) Metallurgical processing equipment, such as flying shears, fly saw, straightening, and flattening. iv) Engraving and milling equipment, such as engraving machines, and engraving and milling machines. v) Dispensing equipment. vi) Extrusion equipment. vii) Wire drawing equipment. viii) Other processing centres, CNC machine tools, and automatic production lines that require high speed and precision.


Advanced 8-axis Closed-loop Servo Control / Open-loop Pulse Control

The 8-axis can be randomly configured as closed-loop servo or open-loop pulse control, and is able to connect with the servo or stepper drivers based on the standards of any manufacturer. The advanced closed-loop control algorithm enables superior performance from the machine.

Linear, Circular, Spiral, and Ball Arc Interpolation

Built-in with 64-axis control capability, it can achieve a maximum of 64-axis linear interpolation, the linear or circular of any 2-axis, the helical interpolation of any 3-axis, and the space sphere interpolation of any 3-axis. It also provides “merge” linkage functions, which can proceed with prospective computation, with a maximum of 64-levels of prospective computing cache.

Flexible Cam Track, Electronic Gear Linkage Movement, and Multi-axis Superimposed Motion

The user is able to define different types of cam curves, satisfying different application requirements. The electronic gear linkage function facilitates the dynamic changing of connection rate, where the new connection rate shall take effect in real time upon modification. It supports super-imposed operation function, where it is possible to set different connection rates to separately operate 2-axis in super-imposed mode.

Endat, SSIandTamagawaabsolute Encoderinput Connector

Endat, SSIandTamagawaabsolute Encoderinput Connector

High-speed Pulsecapture Capabilities Applied in the Packaging and Printing Industry

The high-speed algorithm embedded in the FPGA is able to ensure NS-grade colour capture capability, ensuring highly-precise correction of alignment amidst the machine’s high-speed operations.

High-speed Pulse Output Function Targeting the High-speed Camera and Laser Controlindustry

In the electronic processing industry, it can coordinate with high-speed cameras and high-speed lasers to realise high-precision output functions.

Built-in Ethernet Connection Used in Programming and Modbus TCP Protocol Communication

Built-in Ethernet Connection Used in Programming and Modbus TCP Protocol Communication

Servo Cycle of 125-2000μswhich Can Be Configured

The controller servo control cycle is set to 1ms by default, but it can be configured.

The High-precision 64-bit Operation Solver and Dual-core Armcortex-a9 Cpu With 667m Frequency

The controller uses an ARM Cortex-A9 CPU with a 667M frequency. For computing, it uses the 64-bit dual-precision floating point arithmetic to ensure computation accuracy.

Uses the IEC61131-3 Programming Standards

Uses the IEC61131-3 Programming Standards

Supports Multiple-task Programming

The system can support a maximum of 8 tasks at one time.

Built-in Micro-SD Card Slot. Built-in Document Control System Which Supports the Reading and Writing of Different Types of Documents.

The user can use document-control to conduct different types of read or write operations on the SD card or Flash drive. Supports a maximum of 32GB.

HLink Dynamic Link Library Facilitates Connections for Monitoring by 3rd-party Software, and Document Downloading and Uploading.

HLink dynamic link library provides a software connection for 3rd party development tools, and provides memory access and transmits information to documents on the SD card.

Embedded OLED LCD Screen to Display All Data

The controller panel is installed with an OLED display, supports controller IP address, IO input and output data, CPU temperature, and the display of the statuses of the different types of controllers.

Fast, Effective, and Precise Compilation Execution Mechanism

The HollySys MC System controller uses an effective compilation execution mechanism. After the user has compiled the program, the program will be compiled into binary code to be executed within the machine kernel before it is downloaded again to be executed. The user’s program execution efficiency is more than 10 times that of other similar controllers.

Dynamic Change of Order Parameters (Speed, Acceleration / Deceleration, PID, Etc.)

The system’s control model is targeted at the axis. The different types of parameters of the axis are independent of operational commands. During the operating process, it is possible to dynamically change the different types of axis parameters.

Form Multiple-machine Networks With LE-series PLC

The MC controller is built-in with a communication protocol that is similar to LE series PLCs, which easily facilitates the setting of station numbers without the need for programming, and also facilitates seamless communications with the LE series PLCs, achieving a network-based program for remote IO functions.

A Complete Intellectual Property Rights Protection Function

The MC controller possesses a complete intellectual property right protection function, where the user-compiled binary codes can only be downloaded but cannot be uploaded. At the same time, the MC controller also contains a controller lock function. Subsequent plans are underway to develop an encryption function based on the MC controller’s unique ID, where every MC controller can be independently encrypted.