Factory Automation Products

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

More and more customers demand of HMI products featuring powerful functions, more convenient operation, quick response speed, and lower cost. The HMI products are designed to meet customer requirements. It derives from our consistent efforts to improve HMI touch screen and represents one of the many high-performance products for industrial applications. The HMI adopts the 32-bit RISC CPU, capable of calling complicated instructions and satisfying the requirements of most customers. It can communicate directly with many PLC, while no special program is required for data transfer with these PLCs. In additional, it supports such functions as online simulation, super-large storage space for user configurations, and macros compatible with the standard C language. It can perform on-site data collection, processing, monitoring, and output in a quick, effective, and secure way.

HollySys offers HMIs including:

  • HT8000
  • HT7000
  • HT6000
  • HD2000
  • Programmable software
  • Configuration software

If you wish to know more about HollySys’ converters, please dial our product hotline at +86-10-58981006.