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Frequency Transformer


The HollySys HGD series 3-phase 380V low-voltage converter has a power rating from 0.75kW to 400kW. This includes a HGD303 series open-loop vector converter, HGD300 series versatile vector converter, HGD329 series tension control inverter, and a HGD mini converter and accessories.

The HGD303 series open-loop vector controller has functions such as VVVF control and speed-less vector control and torque control, which are widely used in equipment such as fans, pumps, compressors, conveyor belts, machine tools, and mining machinery. It is also used in municipal, building materials, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and HVAC industries, due to its cost effectiveness.

The HGD300 series versatile vector controller possesses functions such as closed loop vector control, has characteristics such as high precision speed regulation, and low-speed with high torque. It is widely used in printing machinery, packaging machinery, dyeing machinery, pulp and paper machinery, and metal processing, all of which require equipment with high-speed performance.

The HGD329 series tension control converter was designed specifically for high-tension process control with a voltage level of 3-phase 380V, with power from 0.4kW to 75kW. That series of converters possess automatic roll diameter calculation for torque and frequency adjustment, multiple tension adjustment strategies and duplex no-shutdown roll-switching function. It is widely used in equipment such as coating machines, laminating machines, cutting machines, and dyeing and finishing machines.

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