Enterprise Railway

Typical Application for 2 out of 3 Voting Computer Interlock System

Jiayuguan – Mongolia Railway under Jiuquan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd

The Jiayuguan – Mongolia Railway under the Jiuquan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd stretches from Jiayuguan North Station along the Jiayuguan Loop of the Lanzhou – Xinjiang Railway to the North Extension and extends to the Ceke Port of Entry, the junction of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Mongolia itself. The total route length is over 457 km, with a total of 11 stations, including many stations that are located in remote areas where communication signals cannot reach. The special line mainly supports the transportation of coal and ore to Jiayuguan North Station within Mongolian territory, and HollySys provided its client with a regional computer interlocking control solution. The transport personnel can monitor the regional railway stretch, the railway signalling equipment, or the location of the operating train from the control centre, enabling control of the signalling equipment of the different stations, achieving remote control of the train stations.

The VSI 2oo3 computer interlocking system is an equipment that can operate continuously without maintenance, has complete auto-check capabilities, and is able to make timely discoveries of faults and carry out a looped-playback of voice alert information. At the same time, on the signaller’s operating machine’s interface, the alert information will be conspicuously displayed, and notify the signaller in a timely manner. The faulty modules of the VSI 2oo3 computer interlocking system can be replaced without the need to turn off the power supply. The electric service maintenance staff can detect the faulty module based on the alert messages. Once the equipment failure is addressed, the failure information will disappear from the operating interface. Using the HollySys 2oo3 computer interlocking equipment will significantly boost business efficiency, and save a lot of manpower and logistics. It has no history of breakdowns even after operating continuously for 6 years.