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Typical Application for RSS Signalling Micro-Computer Monitoring System

The RSS signalling microcomputer monitoring system is the excellent assistant of electrical service maintenance staff. Firstly, it is able to help the electrical service maintenance staff to rapidly determine the failure area. It uses the monitoring station’s network to access the status diagram to quickly determine the network where the fault is. Secondly, the system can help to address problematic failures. The monitoring station’s playback function is able to determine the segment and time of the fault and the conditions that led to the fault by displaying that segment highlighted in red. Thirdly, the monitoring station is able to help search and further analyse the cause of the failure during the locomotive’s operation. If the locomotive committed a signal overrun or it was an operational error by the signalling operator, this can be analysed and determined by looking at the replay video of the situation from the computer screen at the monitoring station. It will be possible to record the operations of the operator and accurately record the actual timing-values of the operating locomotive, which helps in analysing the cause of accidents.