Concord Electrical Sdn Bhd received Best Safe Man Award – 8,000,000 Safe Manhours for Tanjong Bin 4-1 x 1000MW Coal-Fire Power Plant Project

On 2nd April 2016, our Malaysia Business unit achieved 8,000,000 Safe Man-hours for Tanjung Bin 4-1 x 1000MW Coal-Fire Power Plant Project. Alstom Services Sdn Bhd (Consortium leader of the project) presented this award to Concord Electrical Sdn Bhd at the dinner celebration to commemorate this achievement. This plaque was awarded to contractor in recognition of their contribution to good safety performance and practise during construction to achieve best safe man-hours for this project.

Despite operating under challenging site conditions, difficult environment, tight schedule, manpower, coordination and communication issues, Malaysia Business Unit managed to achieve our safety policy of ZERO TOLERANCE TOWARDS WORKPLACE SAFETY AND HEALTH every time for every project undertaken.

Scope of works for this job includes Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Electrical, Instrumentation and Fire Fighting System for the entire plant.

Malaysian Business Unit’s General Manager, Mr. John Chim congratulated and thanked Tanjung Bin 4 Site in Charge, Mr. Kelvin Yong and his site team for their excellent site management, supervision, hard work and dedication for achieving zero man-hours loss for this job.

Photo left side: Malaysia Business Unit GM – John Chim; Photo right side: Site in Charge – Kelvin Yong