Coal Mining

Typical Reference

Coal Mine IT System:

  • IT system for the 10mn tonne mine in TaranaynGol, Hangjin Banner, under Shenhua Group
  • Overall IT system plan for the Shenhua Ningxia Coal Grou
  • Management system for project invested by Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group
  • Safe production accident response command platform

Coal Mine Automation

  • Coal power monitoring system for Nanshan, Hegang, for Longmei Group
  • Qianjiaying coal preparation plant for Kailuan Group
  • Open-air mine coal conveyingprocess control system for ShenhuaBaorixile Energy Co., Ltd
  • Coal storage and conveying process control system for Shandong Hengsheng Co, Ltd
  • Coal conveying control system for Henan Shunda
  • Power supply and distribution system for new coal cleaning plant of China Coal
  • Control system for coal blender sets

Mining Electrical Tools

  • Mining high-pressure integrated protector
  • Mining low-pressure integrated protector
  • Mining magnetic starter controller
  • Mining combined switch controller
  • Mining load centre controller

Coal Chemicals

  • Kailuan Clean Coal Co., Ltd.
  • Kailuan Energy Chemical Co., Ltd
  • ChongqingWansheng Coal Chemical LLC
  • PingmeiLantianHuagong Co., Ltd
  • ShanxiYangguang Coking Group Co.,Ltd.
  • Shanxi Jincheng Coal Gasification Co., Ltd.

Coal-fired Power Generation:

  • Luliangshan Coal Power Co. Ltd of the Huozhou Coal Power Group
  • In-house power plant of the Shanxi Datong Coal Mining Administration
  • Shanxi Jinju Coal Power Chemical Joint Stock Company
  • YunningGanshi Thermal Power Plant Co., Ltd of the Handan Mining Group Company
  • Inner Mongolia HuomeiHongjunLudian LLC
  • Power Plant in Baode, Shanxi, for Shenhua Group
  • GuohuaShendong Power Plant
  • GuohuaNingdong Power Plant
  • GuohuaJinjie Power Plant (4*600MW)
  • GuohuaYuedianTaishan Power Plant (2*1000MW)

Gas and Utilisation

  • Gas power for power machinery plant at Shengli Oilfield
  • SCADA control system for CixiFumao gas pipeline
  • Station control system of intermediate pressure gas stations for Zhengzhou Gas

Mine Railways

  • Scheduling control system for dedicated railway line for Yuanyang Lake mining zone under Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group
  • Automated command platform for the trains of the Hegang Branch of Heilongjiang Longmei Mining
  • Scheduling monitoring system for the railway trains for Henan Yongcheng Coal & Electricity Group Co., Ltd.
  • Railway signalling computer interlocking and scheduling command system for the railway transport department of Fushun Mining Group Co. Ltd
  • Microcomputer interlocking and scheduling command system for the Dagu Railway