Coal Mining

Safety Power Supply Monitoring System for Coal Mining

HollySys’ safety power supply monitoring system for coal mining uses a professional smart graph analysis tool, filtering analysis tool, and a specialised system, improving aspects such as power supply management, accident pre-emption, loss reduction, energy conservation, boosting of operating efficiency, and management standards. Remote operation control and smart program technology allow the coal power supply system and production facilities to be unmanned. The coal mine safety power supply monitoring system’s core functions constitute the real-time monitoring, protection, control, and management of the coal mine’s power supply system and its electrical equipment. The power supply system and its electrical equipment will constitute functions such as online monitoring and early warnings, remote control, data statistics, measurement management, safety protection, protection positioning, failure alarms, failure recording, uploading of failure data, and recording of data. It is able to solve problems such as override trips in the coal mine power supply system, and selective power leaks, and use historical data and smart analysis to pre-empt accidents. The power plan for sudden power supply failures shortens the time for determining the location of a failure and speeds up the process for resuming power supply operations.