Coal Mining

Mine Hoist Automatic Monitoring System

The mine hoist automatic monitoring system comprises lifting containers, lifting steel wire rope, hoist, derrick (tower) and sheave, loading and unloading equipment, and ancillary equipment.

System Design

The hoists’ automation control system uses two PLCs, whereby one is the master control PLC and the other is the monitoring PLC.

The master control system accepts signals from the driver operator station, conveying control systems, hydraulic brake control system, monitoring system, borehole signal and detection device, and relay hardware loop. After the signal is processed by the program, the corresponding system data and control instructions are separately sent to the above-mentioned systems to realise the control of hoisting operations. The master control PLC comprises functions such as hoist operation interlock, stroke control, gate control system control, wellbore signal communication, display of major faults, and alerts.

The monitoring PLC monitors the safety of hoisting operations.

Since the 2 PLCs have improved hoist monitoring capabilities comprising redundancy monitoring capabilities, such as speed envelop curve used to conduct consecutive monitoring, disorientation monitoring, and slip monitoring on the hoist’s operating speed throughout the whole process, they significantly enhance safety and reliability.