Coal Mining

Explosion-Protection Electrical Solutions for Mining

HollySys’ special mining modules are integrated mining protection equipment designed for mining conditions combining functions such as relay protection, integrated monitoring and control, and data communication. It can directly acquire signals for aspects such as three-phase voltage, three-phase current, zero-sequence voltage, zero-sequence current, leakage resistance, and insulation monitoring for explosion-proof electrical equipment in mines. While saving energy for transmission equipment, it also raises the speed of signal acquisition. When programing the software, PowerPro is equipped with a special protection module, which uses simple and convenient programing to provide protection from power leakage and short circuit, significantly reducing the programing in the program, making it the most ideal terminal for electric power automation monitoring inside the coal mine.

HollySys developed a special PLC module in view of reliability and safety requirements for explosion-proof electrical equipment in the coal mine. The special PLC module is able to accept AC voltage and AC current signals directly, and integrate the functions of power monitoring, protection and control into one, whereby solving many of the complicated issues related to power equipment control systems used in the mines. Addressing such issues ensure that the power equipment in the mine are reliable and safe.

Based on HollySys’ PLC module for mines, many manufacturers of explosion-proof electrical equipment for mines have developed new upgraded equipment which include the mine explosion-proof low voltage feed switch, mine explosion-proof high-voltage power distribution equipment, mine explosion-proof and intrinsic safety combination switch, explosion-proof mobile substation, explosion-proof low voltage vacuum electromagnetic starter, and explosion-proof voltage soft starter. The above-mentioned explosion-proof equipment are actually used in mines operated by companies such as Shanxi Lu’an Mining, Henan Shenhuo Coal company, Kailuan Coal Mining Administration, Datong Coal Mine Group, Longmei Group, and Hebei Jinniu Energy Resources, with excellent results delivered.