Coal Mining

Coal Bed Methane Extraction Monitoring System

The data acquisition system of the coal bed methane (CBM) extraction monitoring system acquires data such as the current working conditions of the gas wells and the main parameters in real-time, and uploads the post-processed data through the network to the monitoring and scheduling centre. After the monitoring and scheduling centre analyses and processes the data, it uses a graphical display to conduct monitoring, control, scheduling, and generate alert records, failure data, and operating reports about the gas wells, measuring station, and combined station in real time. Leveraging on wireless network technology, the duty personnel can remotely monitor the data graphically in real-time, and the personnel of the central control room will not need to leave their posts to obtain the actual data of the gas well. Leveraging on smart analysis software to analyse the subsequent CBM field drainage and extraction schemes, lengthen the gas well drainage and extraction duration to accurately calculate the work cycle to raise draining and extraction efficiency.