Coal Mining

Automatic Monitoring System for Main Ventilator of Coal Mining

The mine ventilation facilities include ventilation units, electrical equipment, ventilation network and ancillary equipment. The key functions of the automation monitoring system of the main coal mine ventilator include automated monitoring of the operating status of ventilators, and the centralised control of ventilators and their auxiliary equipment. The ventilator automatic monitoring system can monitor the operating status of the ventilator, effectively control the volume of ventilation based on on-site environmental conditions such as atmospheric pressure, harmful gas content, temperature, and humidity, enabling real-time control of the status of the ventilation door, the operating parameters, and automated control of the start, stop, and direction of the main fan. It can satisfy the on-site need for ventilation, but avoid the provision of excess ventilation and reduce power consumption in the process. At the same time, it also guarantees reliability for safety production.