Coal Mining

Automatic Monitoring System for Coal Conveying

System Functions

All the coal conveying facilities of the coal conveying system are interlocked based on process flow requirements to prevent the buildup of coal in the system when the system starts or stops which may lead to the damage of equipment. During breakdowns, the point of breakdown and the upstream facilities will momentarily shut down, but the downstream facilities will maintain normal working conditions. Once the failure is fixed, the point of breakdown and the upstream processes can resume operations. However, when the breakdown is not fixed, the stopping of operations in the downstream of the failure location onwards can be delayed.

The control method of the coal conveying automation control system is designed to be local manual control, remote manual control via computer controlled system, and remote automated control via computer controlled system of on-site equipment. The ranking of the 3 control methods in descending order are local manual control, remote manual, and remote auto.