Coal Mining

Automatic Monitoring System for Air Compressor

The mine’s air compressor equipment includes an air compressor, motor, and electric control equipment, and auxiliary equipment that comprise air filters, wind bags, cooling water circulation system, and gas pipelines.

The core constituents of the air compressor automation monitoring system are the master industrial control system, and the PLC slave system, equipped with different types of sensors and actuators, centralising control over the air compressors operating in the grid, adequately giving full play to the functions of the air compressors. On the condition that the system ensures air supply quality, it saves energy as much as possible and balances it with the operating schedule, lengthens the usable lifespan of the air compressor, and reduces the maintenance work needed for the air compressor.

Functional Characteristics

  • Auto acquisition and display of the operating parameters of the air compressor.
  • Auto acquisition site equipment start/stop and fault status.
  • It possesses complete protection and alert display functions, including exhaust over-pressure, over-temperature protection, protection from air filter clogging, lubricant oil over-temperature protection, lubricant oil insufficiency protection, cooling water water-disconnection protection, main motor overload protection, and cooling fan overload protection. It is able to send out alert signals in the event of faults, and is also able to stop air compressor operations when necessary.
  • Has functions such as start, stop, breakdown stop, emergency stop, protection and fault reporting.
  • Has many control methods such as the PLC automatic program control method, remote control method, and local control method.
  • Fully-automatic constant pressure air-supply.