China Instrument Manufacturer Association Leaders Visited HollySys HQ in Beijing

On 23rd May 2017, China Instrument Manufacturer Association Senior Adviser Zhu Mingkai, Deputy Secretary General Gao Liwei, Deputy Secretary General Zheng Chaosong and his party arrived HollySys HQ for investigation and research. Mr. Zhou Fengna, Deputy General Manager of HollySys Group, Mr. Jia Feng, General Manager of Public Affairs Department, Zhu Yiming, Chief Engineer of Intelligent Technologies, and Li Qinghua, Deputy General Manager of System Division, accompanied the research tour.

Association leaders first visited HollySys exhibition hall, Ms. Jia Feng gave a detailed explanation of the company’s business areas, corporate culture and rail transportation automation, industrial automation, pharmaceutical automation and other research and development results. Subsequently, the leaders visited the digital workshop for intelligent manufacturing and understand the entire production and automation process.