Salt Chemical

In salt chemical production processes, the automation control system is required to be very reliable, safe, and advanced. The system’s control capabilities and control functions are of utmost importance. HollySys has developed thousands of applications for soda, polyvinyl chloride, inorganic salt, triacid, chemical fertilisers, inorganic new materials, and chlor-alkali, and has provided DCS automation products in typical facilities such as caustic soda, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, caustic soda evaporation, soda, and ammonia alkali.

Typical Salt-chemical Industry Clients

China National Salt Industry Corporation, China National Chemical Corporation, Henan Coal & Chemical Group, Shandong Huatai Paper Company Limited, Weiqiao Group, Luxi Chemical Group, Jinchuan Group Internationl Resources Co Ltd, East Hope Group, Qinghai Alkali Industry Co., Ltd., Henan Jindadi Chemical Co., Ltd, and Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry Group Co. Ltd.

Typical Achievements in the Salt Chemical Industry
  1. HenanWuyang Yongyin Industrial Chemical Co., Ltd,200,000 tonne caustic soda, and 200,000 tonnes and 70m3of polymericPVC.
  2. Huo Jia Chang Zhi Industries Ltd. in Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, 200,000 tonnes and 70mof PVC polymerisation reactor.
  3. 500,000 tonnes of ion exchange membranes under Dongying Association Chemical Co., Ltd. of Shandong Huatai Group.
  4. 200,000 tonnes of ion exchange membranes, 250,000 tonnes of acetylene, and 200,000 tonnes of vinyl chloride under Binzhou Marine Chemicals.
  5. 200,000 tonnes of ion exchange membranes under Luxi Chemical Group.
  6. 200,000 tonnes of ion exchange membranes under Jinchuan Group.
  7. 360,000 tonnes of ion exchange membranes under Baotou Sea Level.
  8. 2.1milliontonnes of ammonia alkali per year under Qinghai Alkali Industry Co., Ltd.
  9. 700,000 tonnes of soda for Henan Jindadi Chemical Co., Ltd.
  10. 800,000 tonnes of soda for Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry Group Co. Ltd.