Staff Training

HollySys has been constantly developing the potential of employees, and facilitating the all-rounded development of the abilities and the value of their employees. The company has been using training to form a learning-platform, improve the ability of its employees to develop and utilise their potential, and improve their ability to respond to competition, realise the constant increase in their value as human-resource capital, encourage the personal career development of the employees, and realise improvement in their employees’ current and future work performance. Training methods include providing professional overseas training to employees based on business needs, apart from the conventional induction training for new employees and other training programmes targeting professional skills and management skills.

Career Path

HollySys is a key national high and new technology enterprise, national enterprise technology centre, the “Chinese Automation Testing Centre” selected by the State Science and Technology Commission, the “Automation Industry Model Centre” selected by the National Development and Reform Commission, and the “Nationwide Excellent Post-doctorate Scientific Research Workstation” selected by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, making it an ideal place for allowing automation technology professionals to grow. Adhering to the principle of creating value for employees, the company uses training systems, mentor systems, and job qualification systems to train and develop the individual abilities of their employees, and actively create an environment for employees to make full use of their talents.

Innovation and Growth

HollySys is actively participating in technology innovation and management innovation. By undertaking major national-level and ministry commission-level projects, it is providing an environment for employees to grow while promoting the growth of the Industrial Control industry in China. Every HollySys employee shall constantly make use of his own and societal values as they grow and innovate together with the company.

Mentor System

HollySys adopts an open approach to welcome everyone who is keen to join. The company shall assign mentors to graduates who are joining the company as employees, and they will be guided in their career growth, assimilation with the company culture, and the acquisition of professional skills. This is to help employees plan and manage their careers, realise their talent, share knowledge acquired and become acclimatised to the company culture.