Simulation Training System

HOLLiAS SimuPlant Industrial Process Education and Training Simulation System

Product Functions

Multi-condition reproduction function

The industrial process education and training simulation system is able to simulate normal conditions, special conditions, and accident conditions. In all cases, the simulation system’s response will be identical to on-site responses, with accuracy levels satisfying Chinese and international industry standards.

Appraisal function

The appraisal function tracks and records every training project of the device simulation systems, and issues scores based on operating regulations, device control requirements, and control quality indicators. The evaluation of the objective of every training project includes the evaluation of operating procedures and work quality, where all ratings have been supported by detailed evaluation results and justification.

Actual graphical display function

The GUI of the simulation system includes the DCS operator interface, field station interface, engineering station interface, and coach station interface. Other than the coach station interface and field station interface, all other interfaces match the GUI used at the site.

System Software Components

The system comprises an operating system software, simulation support platform software, mathematical model software, coach function software, DCS operator station software, DCS engineering station software, and field operator station software.

Academic Applications

It is widely used for setting up laboratories for academic study in fields such as thermal power, petrochemical, chemical, wind power, water treatment, water conservancy, hydropower, coal, environmental protection, construction materials, metallurgy, pulp and paper, and pharmaceuticals.