AMG1000 Series Signal Isolator

AMG1051D Isolation Temperature Transmitter

The AMG 1051D ultra-thin independent power supply isolation temperature transmitter digitally linea rises the signals of the field thermocouple (TC) or resistance temperature detector (RTD), converting them to isolated outputs of 4-20mA current or 1-5V voltage isolator output corresponding to the sensors’ temperatures. Isolators have the functions to send out alert messages when the sensors sense a disconnection, and the RC input has an auto cold junction compensation function. It is also able to configure parameters such as scale and index number for the transmitter using professional software.

Technical Parameters

Number of channels: 1
Supply voltage20 – 35V,d.c .
Current consumption: ≤60 mA (with a 24 V source and a 20mA output)


Output current: 4- 20mA, d.c.; Load resistance: RL≤550Ω
Output voltage: 1-5V,d.c.; Load resistance::RL≥250kΩ

Cold breaking compensation deviation: ±1℃
Cold breakingcompensation range: -40℃  – +85℃

Alarm Function:

While alarmfor below the lower limit of the range, the current output is 3.8mA, d.c.
While alarmfor above the upper range, the current output is 21mA, d.c.
While alarmfor opening circuit, the current output is approximate 22mA, d.c.

Temperature drift: 0.1%F.S./10℃
Response time: ≤2ms
Dielectric strength: 1500 V, a . c .;1 min (between source, input, and output)
Insulation resistance≥ 100M Ω;5 0 0V, d . c .(between source, input, and output)
Electromagnetic compatibility: Compliant with GB/T 18268(IEC 61326-1)
Instrument structure: Ultra-thin PBT retardant-burn molded case structure
Weight: Around 45g
Applicable field equipment: 2-wire and 3-wire Thermal resistance, and thermocouple

Usage Environment
  1. The surrounding environment should not have electromagnetic induction effects such as strong vibrations, shocks, major currents and sparks, and there should not be any substance in the air that would corrode the chromium, nickel, or silver plating, and there should not be flammable or explosive substances.
  2. Continuous working temperature: -20℃  – +60℃;
  3. Storage temperature: -40℃  – +80℃;
  4. Relative humidity: 10% -90%RH.

Note: 1. while three-wire thermal resistance signal inputting, as far as possible to ensure the resistance value of three wires are equal.

2. While two-wire thermal resistance signal inputting, terminals 6 and 7 must be short circuited.

Input and Range Characteristics

[supsystic-tables id=33]

Note: 1. The output precision of “%” is equivalent to the range of the set, take larger value of range deviation and absolute deviation in the application.

2. The output precision does not include cold end compensating deviation whileTC inputting.


The AMG1000 series isolator uses DIN35mm rail mounting.

Steps for Installation:

  1. Mount the metallic portions below the instrument onto the track.
  2. Push the upper metallic portion below the instrument onto the track.