Safety Barrier and Isolator

AMG1000 Series Signal Isolator

The AMG1000 series ultra-thin signal isolator isolates power sources, inputs, and outputs, and effectively addresses field interference issues faced by industrial automation control system, ensuring the stable and reliable operation of the system. It saves space as it is only 7.6mm thick. It is designed to save energy, and can operate reliably for long periods of time after intensive installation. Screw terminals are used for this system.

Product characteristics:

  • Power supply: Independent power supply, and circuit power supply
  • Number of channels: 1-1, 1-2
  • Function: Signal isolation transmission, signal transfer conversion, and power distribution for field instruments.
  • Input: 2-wire/3-wire transmitter (including HART); Current and voltage signal;
  • Thermocouple and RTD input
  • Output: Current and voltage signals