Safety Barrier and Isolator

AM1000EX Series Isolation Barrier

The AM1000EX series isolation safety barrier uses electromagnetic coupling technology to effectively isolate power sources, signal inputs, and signal outputs, making it more reliable and safer than a Zener barrier, and does not require intrinsic safety grounding, which significantly enhances its ability to inspect and control the circuit’s resistance to interference. It is a general isolation safety barrier which works well with many different types of intrinsic safety field instruments.

Product characteristics

  • Power supply: Independen
  • Number of channels: 1-1, 1-2, 2-2
  • Functions: Signal isolation and transmission, transmission and conversion, and distribution
  • Signal matching and intrinsic safety instrument: Switch, proximity switch input; Driving intrinsic safety solenoid, LED intrinsic safety power output; 2-wire and 3-wire transmitter input (including HART); current signal input/output; thermocouple, RTD input.
  • Installation: 17.5mm shell saves installation space
  • Functions: High accuracy, stable quality, reliable functions, complete and standardised testing.