Process Automation

Manufacturing Execution Systems

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) by HollySys was developed in 2000. It contains a full set of self-developed real-time database and MES platform software, providing a range of services for over 400 users in the chemical, electric power, petrochemical, construction materials, metallurgy, steel and iron, pharmaceutical, and pulp and paper industries. The full set of services includes requirements analysis, product design, secondary R&D, engineering implementation, and subsequent maintenance. At the same time, HollySys has accumulated a wealth of experience in industry application processes, and developed application models to provide solutions for different industries, whereby providing users with value-added services and creating value with data.

HollySys’ MES (Manufacturing Execution System) includes the HOLLiAS Bridge MES and HOLLiAS RMIS (Real-time Manufacturing Information System).

HOLLiAS Bridge Manufacturing Execution System
HOLLiAS RMIS Real-Time Information System

This system is targeted at mid- to high-end clients, namely the medium-sized and large-sized enterprises with complicated processes, multiple production lines, and factories in different regions. These are the companies that are in urgent need of informatisation. The HOLLiAS Bridge system uses real time data to achieve data integration and real-time display, utilising a professional high-end functional module to integrate production control to achieve the best compromise in and optimisation of product quality, output, and production costs. The system is also able to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction through the analysis of energy statistics. It is set to achieve quality process monitoring, control, and management, and to realise quality tracking management throughout the whole life-cycle. The system also uses static and dynamic management approaches to manage device ledgers, files, repair, and maintenance, and manage device safety. It also fully manages inventory, taking care of processes such as real time inventory control of raw materials, auxiliary materials, and finished products, and other processes such as moving materials into the warehouse, releasing materials from the warehouse, counting, profit and loss, allocation, and inventory warning. The system can interact with the ERP system to break down the production plan, automatically schedule production, manage production batches, and achieve fully automatic management and tracking of the enterprise’s batch production processes. It can also manage daily operations at the production site of public works and the scheduling of other materials, and can use the safety and environment protection system to strengthen safety training, emergency response procedures, and environmental monitoring.

HOLLiAS RMIS (Real-time Manufacturing Information System)

This system targets the groups with basal demand, which are the small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with a lot of IT data, many devices to control, and the devices are relatively spread out. In order to overcome the problem of data isolation, there is a need for a centralised control and display system for such data. The RMIS can perform data acquisition and correction, and client terminals may use web browsers to assess the real-time production site data to monitor the production process flowchart, access real-time alerts, monitor real-time trends, and search for real-time reports. At the same time, HollySys RMIS is very scalable, so it can grow together with the organisation and be upgraded at minimum costs which include expansion of MES functions.

Typical Clients

HollySys MES already has more than 300 applications in the electric power, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, construction materials, environmental protection, and thermal power industries, with clients that rate it very positively.