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Batch Control Systems

HOLLiAS Batch Control System

HollySys understands the challenges and needs faced by discrete process clients. The HOLLiAS batch control system aims to solve all of its clients’ problems so that they can concentrate on their production processes. This is especially so for system verification requirements in the pharmaceutical and food industries. HollySys provides support from a professional and experienced team, and also provides standardised engineering solutions and implement processes and standards.

HollySys is able to provide our clients with a full-set of services for the whole life cycle of their products, including user documentation, system documentation, system training, technical support, general project management, project consultancy, annual warranty services, and verification support, so as to help the client maximise their return on investments.

HOLLiAS Batch System Framework

The network structure of the HOLLiAS Batch system is reliable and open, which can satisfy the client’s needs for stable process control, and an intelligent digitised plant network structure, providing a foundation for achieving management and control of a modern plant.

The HOLLiAS Batch software and HollySys’ own DCS and PLC control system software’s seamless data integration adequately achieves reliable and stable transmission of data between the configuration management system and the control system. The software also supports open and standardised data communication protocol standards.

Introduction to the HOLLiAS Batch

Convenient to configure and user-friendly interface

The HOLLiAS Batch software is convenient to configure and has strong functional capabilities.

  • Supports both English and Chinese language
  • A modular software structure design is adopted to easily accommodate different application requirements
  • Designed using the classic Windows style which has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
Extremely Secure

User groups, user authorisations, and password protection functions adequately satisfy the security and traceability requirements of the batch system.

Easy to Operate and also Intuitive

The online control interface of the HOLLiAS Batch system is designed based on the interface of the Windows operating system, which is easy to operate and also intuitive. The left portion of the system’s operating interface displays functions as icons to facilitate switching between interfaces by the user. The right portion of the user interface intuitively displays information about the relevant functions according to the different display interfaces. At the same time, the upper portion of the interface contains a quick control button to ease the user’s operating experience.

Effective Process-analysis Functions

HOLLiAS Batch software provides effective process-analysis functions:

• Icon-based display interface
• Multi-batch and inter-batch comparative analysis of processes and online monitoring
• Simultaneous comparison and analysis of many related process parameters
• Able to set tolerance-alarm messages to facilitate the operator’s control of process quality

Professional Batch Reporting Function

HOLLiAS Batch provides a batch reporting format that complies with industry standards and requirements:

  • The batch reporting format supports MS Excel, which is easy to configure and use
  • The system supports flexibility in reporting and defining one’s own functions
  • The fields in the batch system can be freely added into the reporting format according to the user’s requirements
  • Online report search and printing functions
  • Can auto-generate batch reports during batch execution which can be saved independently
Comprehensive System Diagnosis and Alarm Functions

HOLLiAS Batch software contains online diagnosis and alarm reminder functions:

  • Real time diagnosis of the system’s operating status (including: system network communication, software processes, hardware equipment, redundancy functions, process alarms, database status, server/client response and others)
  • Real time icon-based batch-alert display
  • Many levels of self-definable alert messages
  • Multi-functional alert query analysis functions

Online operating log query, and analysis of query history