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Asset Management System

HOLLiAS AMS Assets Management System

The adoption of international advanced asset integration technologies such as EDDL (Electronic Device Description Language) and FDT/DTM (Field Device Tool / Device Type Manager) by the HOLLiAS AMS based on the HART and FF protocols facilitates the integration of data acquisition and data analysis under one system, providing an integrated solution that includes online configuration, remote diagnosis, standard management, and predictive maintenance, which fully boosts plant efficiency and raises profit margin.

Structural Diagram of System

The HOLLiAS AMS (asset management system) has a basic version, standard version, and advanced version, satisfying clients at three different levels: economical, practical, and professional.

The Basic Version can Perform the Basic Functions of HOLLiAS AMS

i) Calibrating and allocating & testing intelligent parameters;
ii) Checking for device abnormalities;
iii) Auto-recording operations and activity-log;
iv) Allocating and managing user rights;
v) Setting up library for device parameters;
vi) Integrating with DCS system.

The standard version is basically the basic version augmented with instrument management functions. Besides all the functions of the basic version, it also has the following additional functions:

i) supporting device ledger management;
ii) providing equipment calibration output analysis;
iii) formulating maintenance plan and device maintenance schedule;
iv) formulating and managing management working instructions;
v) monitoring and managing alert devices.

The advanced version includes additional professional asset optimisation programs:

i) Automatic-linkage of records and actual devices;
ii) Device inventory optimisation management;
iii) Statistics and rating of device completion;
iv) Advanced professional diagnostic monitoring and analysis;
v) Data sharing with 3rd-party system;
vi) Browsing and analysis of web data platform.