Process Automation

Asset Management System

The HollySys asset management system carries out integrated management of different types of instruments, which is able to achieve remote control and avoid the dangers of field debugging. The asset management system manages the entire life cycle of the instruments, keeping instrument processes optimised, boosts asset management of plants, and provides evidence for instrument maintenance using its pre-diagnostic and maintenance-management functions.

The many versions of the asset management system satisfy the actual field-based needs of HollySys’ clients. The systems include HOLLIAS AMS (asset management system) and the HOLLiAS FIDMT (field intelligent device management tool).

HOLLiAS AMS Assets Management System HOLLiAS FIDMT Field Intelligent Device Management Tool

The AMS can provide the following efficiency for your plant management:

Remote Control

Able to rapidly and conveniently calibrate and diagnose all intelligent instruments in the plant.

Integrated Management

Simple and convenient integrated-management of intelligent instruments with different instrument numbers in different plants of different companies.

Standardised Management

Can easily design standard programs to automatically generate standardised reports and curve-line graphs to determine the state of the instrument’s aging.

Predictive Maintenance

Can conduct predictive maintenance of the instruments, thus doing away with the need for daily routine inspections and maintenance. It is able to reduce the failure rate while lengthening the interval between periodic maintenance checks. This will reduce operating and maintenance costs, reduce maintenance fees, and boost device usage.

Online Monitoring and Diagnosis

It is possible to conduct cyclical diagnosis, check the changes in instrument status, and provide accurate and complete report management, thus providing an effective early-warning mechanism for the field instruments.

Document Management

Auto-log all control actions and configuration changes to comprehensively improve the level of plant management with functions such as device ledgers and working order & working instructions.

System Integration

Seamless integration of the DCS system with cards of multiple standards and OPC technical support, which can facilitate management of device from any place and at any time.

User Management

Able to set permissions and passwords for different users and avoid misuse by unauthorised users, so as to satisfy the plant’s safety management needs.

Data Platform

Able to access field data through the web page to provide support for decision-makers.