Process Automation

Process automation is one of the core businesses of HollySys, under which it has a series of advanced, practical, and reliable industry automation systems and IT products. This includes Distributed Control Systems (DCS), manufacturing execution systems, factory automation products, and instruments, widely used in industries such as electric power, petrochemicals, chemicals, construction materials, metallurgy, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, and equipment manufacturing. HollySys has achieved success in major construction projects and key equipment projects, including large 1000MW ultra-supercritical thermal power projects, 800,000 tonne urea projects, and 5 million tonne key oil refining unit projects, and thus has established a strong industry reputation.

Integrated solutions for optimise enterprise operations

In recent years, the process industry has been facing more challenges like how to adapt to ever changing market needs, and how to maximise production efficiency within the whole life cycle of the company. This is a problem that every company has to face. The HOLLiAS integrated solution provided by HollySys is the best choice for every user to tackle such challenges. From the user’s viewpoint, HoLLiAS is an automation strategy for building an ideal factory. HoLLiAS’ strategic objective is to build an integrated operating environment for users, and enable them to strictly monitor production processes, while rapidly and effectively responding to changes in market demand. This can also help users to achieve production stability over long cycles and the constant and effective supplementation of production capabilities. The integrated solutions provided by HOLLiAS focus on the factory’s long-term safety, usability, and production capabilities. This may eventually help users’ factories to optimise their manufacturing operations within the whole life cycle. HollySys’ HOLLiAS is an integrated solution which combines the best and field-tested mature technologies that include:

  2. HOLLiAS Batch Control System
  3. HOLLiAS AMS Asset Management System
  4. HOLLiAS RMIS Real-Time Management System
  5. HOLLiAS Bridge MES
  6. HOLLiAS SimuPlant Simulation System

Distributed Control Systems

Batch Control Systems

Asset Management System

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Safety Management System

Simulation Training System

Safety Barrier and Isolator

Training Center