Bond M&E Sdn Bhd Participate in World Vision Child Sponsor Programme to help Childrens in Poverty

Bond M&E Sdn Bhd has been joining World Vision Child Sponsor Program since July 2016 to create a brighter future and miracle for children and communities in poverty from different countries. The contributions from child sponsors are pooled together to be invested in long-term development programmes to help transform communities by giving them access to the basic of life such as clean water & sanitation, health care, food & agriculture, education, and economic development.

Bond M&E Sdn Bhd is pleased to sponsor 50 children from 8 different countries. There are 9 children from Thailand, 10 from Vietnam, 10 from Indian, 8 from Myanmar, 5 from Indonesia, 5 from Cambodia, 1 from Philippines and lastly 4 from Sri Lanka.

World Vision focuses on children, working with communities and empowering them to create genuine, lasting change. When you sponsor a child, you will help bring about the everyday miracles that we take for granted – a glass of clean water, food for hungry children, life-saving health care etc. Even more wonderful, you will see families and communities break free from the harsh realities of poverty and become self-sustaining.

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