Best Electrical Contractor Award Received From ASEAN Federation Of Electrical Engineering Contractors (AFEEC)

The AFEEC Conference 2015 was held in Pattaya, Thailand on 21st & 22nd August 2015, during the AFEECConference, Bond Group was honour to be awarded this prestigious award from the President of AFEEC as the “Best Electrical Contractor for Residential Category”.

There are four Electrical Contractors from Malaysia who receiving the award during this conference and we are being awarded as the “Best Electrical Contractor for Residential Category”. The award is given in due recognition to an electrical contractor for its outstanding performance in the execution of projects. Some of the criteria which the panel based on are the company shall possess ISO/Quality Manual in Electrical Works, health, safety and security plan, standard procedure for electrical installation works, employ experts in each specialty works, good financial performance and track record in carrying out electrical projects for the last 5 years. We are proud that all these criteria we had met and stand-out among the nominees in this category.

I would said that this award is belongs to the all my fellow colleagues of Bond Group. Especially the founders of Bond Group, Mr Yap Choong,Mr Jab Kok Keong and Mr Yap Thong San, is their most dedicated efforts, committed hard works and far sighted vision for more than 30 years that brings the companies to today’s achievement. Also, all of you who play a role in the company, your contribution is definitely a treasure to the company. Please carry on with your good deed.

Last but not least, we will always remember the 6 Core Values that promoted by our founder:DISCIPLINE – RESPECT – DELEGATE – COMMUNICATE – GUIDANCE – PROACTIVE, inherit with these core values in mind, sky is your limit.