Subsidiary Companies

Beijing HollySys Machine Automation Co., Ltd.

Beijing HollySys Machine Automation Co., Ltd. (HMA in short), is specialized in factory automation utilizing automation products such as motor controlPLCsHMI and motor drives. It involves in design, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and technical services for customers with high-performance and reliable quality products at the same time providing a comprehensive set of solutions for the industry so as to enhance the value of products and market competitiveness.

There are a numerous benefits to offer our factory automation customers and system integrators with one-stop shop, from product design and development to manufacturing, sales and after-sales services. The HMA business combines motor and drive technologies with our existing control systems, focuses on motor control. The main product is micro LM series PLC, macro LK series PLC and MC1000 series motor controller. They are small in size with high speed counting, high speed pulse, absolute positioning and relative positioning, additionally, it controls motion in trapezoid & S-shape directions.