Subsidiary Companies

Beijing HollySys Electric Motor Co., Ltd.

Beijing HollySys Electric Motor Co., Ltd. is one of China forerunners in the motion control and machine vision technology with ten-year’s devotion in research and development, manufacturing, system integration and other value added services in the areas of light machinery, electrical integration, especially in high-precision motion control and machine vision. We have not only earned the ISO9001-2000 quality management certifications but also developed our own independent intellectual properties. We have served over 1,000 customers throughout China and we now play an important role in providing solutions and services for discrete processing control and inspection automation. With our people, technology and branding, Beijing HollySys Electric Motor is now moving on to expand into international market.

Our products are mainly applied in the following fields:

  • Industrial control: robotics, mechanical arms, automation and half-automatic production lines;
  • Aeronautics and space: motion control for various satellite dish antenna and experiment tables;
  • Machinery processing and control: numerical control machine tools, automatic packaging machines, carving machines, medical instruments, printing machinery, textile machinery and high-precision measuring instruments.