Subsidiary Companies

Beijing HollySys Automation and Drive Co., Ltd.

Beijing HollySys Automation and Drive Co., Ltd (HAD in short), is established subsidiary company of HollySys Group, specialized in coal mining automation utilizing automation products such as SCADA, and Intrinsic Safety PLCs. It involves in design, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and technical services for customers with high-performance and reliable quality products at the same time providing a comprehensive set of solutions for coal mining industry so as to enhance the value of products and market competitiveness.

The HAD business offers customers a totally integrated solution. This segment provides a potential entry into a number of industries that fit our expansion criteria. Its intrinsic safety PLCs are able to directly input alternating voltage and current, directly acquire signals for three-phase voltage and current, zero sequence voltage and current, leakage resistance and insulation supervision. All of these can be achieved without converting into standard signals based on 4~20mA and 0~10V via a transmitter. It can save on transmitting equipment while boosting signal acquisition speed. The PLC module integrates monitoring, protection and control of the power system. It is capable of solving complex problems relating to power supply control system of the underground mines equipments that are prone to failure. This means the reliability and safety of underground power supply equipment can be ensured. Its SCADA brand is named as HOLLiSCADA Mining, which integrates multiple platforms for engineering applications, adopts modular structures, flexible deployment and dual redundant design concept.