Beijing Daxing International Airport Line TIAS System Project

Beijing Daxing International Airport Line TIAS System Project

Costing approximately USD$17.47 billion, the mega airport is the largest integrated, comprehensive transportation hub in the world to date as it spans 700,000 square metres or equivalent to 98 football fields.

Daxing Airport Express – A Cutting Edge Metro Train Line

We are pleased to announce that HollySys TIAS System has been successfully implemented in new airport line that links the mega airport to the city centre. Our TIAS System is also onboard the new cutting-edge 160km/h metro trains, which have been nicknamed as “Baijing” which means “white whale.” It earned the nickname because of the trains’ resemblance to the Beluga whale.

These trains feature the world’s most advanced, fully-automatic driving that allows driverless operation and enables the vehicle to automatically wake up, self-check and go dormant.

Remotely controlled from the central command center, which uses our MACS-SCADA V4 software system platform to display information, the TIAS system is able to activate emergency braking, open/close train doors, and control cabin air conditioning temperature for the safety and comfort of the passengers.

The facility lighting, track lighting, air conditioning, and exhaust ventilation in the three stations of Daxing Airport Express (Caoqiao-Daxing Xincheng-Daxing Airport) are controlled by the intelligent automatic controls capability of the TIAS system. For example, the air-conditioning function in the TIAS system will perform automatic temperature control by increasing or decreasing the operating frequency of the fan. The air conditioning on/off control function can also be periodically scheduled for working days, weekends, and holidays, among others. In addition to the lighting and ventilation control function, we have helped to make the Daxing Airport Express more energy-efficient and thus, saves cost

Being a comprehensive integrated system, we are confident that the TIAS system is able to respond quickly and effectively to any disaster or failure scenarios that may occur. As we are committed to be always on top of the situation, Hollysys will continue to improve and optimize the design, continue to provide quality assurance services for our customers, and adhere to the “continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence” philosophy of our company.