Application of HollySys DCS for Coal Ethanol Industry Demonstration Project in Saanxi Xinghua has successfully went through the Operation Process

On 11th January 2017, the Application of HollySys DCS Control System for the World’s first set of Coal Ethanol Industry Demonstration Project in Saanxi Xinghua Group Corporation has successfully went through the whole operation process to produce qualified ethanol, and has been maintaining a stable operation for more than two months. This is China’s new coal chemical industry technology application of another major breakthrough, indicating that China in the field of technology has reach the international advanced level.

Coal ethanol production industry has been recognized as a worldwide problem. In this field, Saanxi Xinghua Group Corporation and Dalian Chemical Institute jointly carried out the “Synthetic Gas System of Ethanol Technology” Project Research and Development Work, through a numerous amount of innovative research, successfully opened up a coal-based gas as raw material, the methanol, Dimethyl ether carbonylation, hydrogenation synthesis of ethanol.

In 2013, both parties collaborated and launched the “100,000 Tons/Year Synthetic Gas Ethanol Industry Demonstration Project”, the application of this new technology will effectively make up for China’s oil shortage, and ease China’s fuel ethanol dependence on food for China’s energy and food security to promote the structural reform and the development of new strategic industries is of great significance. In view of this, the success of the project was featured into the CCTV news on special attention, and it is the first time for the relevant reports.

The project was set as a demonstration project and the whole process of process automation control equipment is using the latest generation of K series DCS control system. With more than two months of research and development, HollySys successfully complete the system commissioning and driving test run. On 11th January 2017, the output of qualified ethanol products, products purity reached 99.71%, the main indicator has achieved more than its design value. The successful application of HollySys DCS Control System is fully recognized by the user and has create a positive development in the coal chemical industry market.