Aluminium Corporation of China Limited (CHALCO) Information Management Department Leaders and Experts visit HollySys HQ

On 3rd May 2017, Aluminium Corporation of China Limited (CHALCO) Information Management Director Li Tiangeng, Deputy Director Wen Xinrong, Director Liang Yufeng, Zhu Liang, Pu Wenlan, Senior Business Manager Ji Zhiyi, Director of Science & Technology Management Deng Jie and other leaders visited HollySys HQ in Beijing. HollySys Hangzhou VP Shi Ping, GM Liu Deecheng, GM Guo Honghai, Technical Manager Cheng Jiangtao, Intelligent Plant Business Unit Engineering Manager Zhu Gangguo, Senior Software Engineer Peng Jia, Metallurgical Industry Account Manager Li Hong and other related personnel accompanied the visit.

HollySys Hangzhou VP Shi Ping on behalf of HollySys warmly welcome the arrival of Aluminium Corporation and accompanied them for the visit at HollySys exhibition hall. During the visit, Shi Ping gave a detailed introduction to the company’s development process, the business in industrial automation, rail transportation automation, pharmaceutical automation, nuclear power plant digital instrument control system, intelligent factories and other key areas of the product.

Subsequently, the leaders visited the peace and intelligent manufacturing digital workshop. The digital workshop is a production workshop designed, planned and implemented for electronic products. It adopts various advanced technologies such as industrial Internet, industrial robot, industrial vision, RFID and two-dimensional code, AGV car, especially the main control system, management software, and so are the use of self-developed products, from the supply of components to the finished product packaging production of the whole process of automatic, small batch, multi-species flexible control, to achieve the industrialization, information, visualization of the depth of integration.

Director Li Tiangeng believe that HollySys plays an active role in the field of automation and intelligent manufacturing in the national development. Through the visit, they understand the benefits of industrial automation, rail transit automation and pharmaceutical automation in three major areas of innovation and development.